What makes you different?

We are an upscale photography studio focused on artistic creativity, personalized sessions and creating stunning images! This concept, together with partnering with the finest professional labs available, result in treasured portraiture. We believe that every person has a beauty that is just waiting to be captured and we find and work to reveal that beauty in our shoot. Just take a stroll through our galleries and see some of the beautiful results we have achieved.


What kind of portraiture do you do?

Children, Family, Seniors, Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Executive, Corporate.


Do you offer portrait packages?

We offer very basic portrait packages through more elaborate portrait packages. Please contact our studio for full details.


Do you offer wedding packages?

We will build your wedding package to suit you!! We offer very simple packages to the more elaborate all inclusive wedding packages and will build your wedding a la carte if you find our established plans are not for you.


Do you offer retouching?

Retouching, color-balancing, density check, and cropping for eye appeal are services that are included on all of our print orders. If an image requires major retouching, or a request for major retouching is requested, there may be an additional fee. We also finish all of our prints with a luster-coating for protection.


What’s your session fee?

Session fees will vary depending on the type of session.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss.


Do you have a minimum order?



How long does it take to get my portraits back?

Print orders are usually completed within 3-4 weeks.


Can I have my images put online?

PORTRAITS: An online slideshow that can be viewed and shared with friends and family and an online ordering system is available for a period of 30 days from the date your images go online. After 30 days there is a fee ($50) to keep your slideshow online for another 30 days.

WEDDINGS: An online slideshow that can be viewed and shared with friends and family and an online ordering system is available for a period of 60 days from the date your images go online. After 60 days there is a fee ($50) to keep your slideshow online for another 30 days.


How do you decide what backdrop or location is right for me?

We talk so I can get to know you – your personality. Do you like an urban setting versus a country setting? Are you very casual versus someone who prefers formal settings? Where do you intend to display your portraits? These are things we talk through until we determine the perfect setting for you. The result will be an amazing session!


What should I wear? What about my makeup?

We will also talk about this during your pre-session consultation. Once we decide the location for your shoot then we can determine the clothes that will best fit the location. HOWEVER, if you have an outfit that you are just dying to wear, then we can make the location fit for your outfit! Either way, the session will be personalized just for you!


Do you do weddings?

Absolutely! I would love to capture your engagement session, your bridal session, your Wedding Day - and even a “Trash The Dress” session after the wedding (if you’re not sure what this is, contact our studio – I’d love to tell you about it!). We take a traditional, creative and photo journalistic approach in capturing the journey of your Wedding (with some stops along the way for artistic capturing of the moment) resulting in beautiful wedding portraiture and us being able to design an artistic documentary album of the most special time of your life! We will build your wedding package to suit you - we offer very simple coverage of your wedding to the more elaborate all-inclusive wedding packages. Additionally, an online slideshow highlighting your Wedding is made available for you to share with your family and friends.


Do you do events?

Yes, we capture anniversaries, reunions, parties, fundraisers, etc. We also have very special package offers for those very special occasions! Online viewing and ordering is made available for a period of 60 days following the event so that all those participating in the event can relive the moments.


How far ahead do you book up?

Our popular weekend sessions typically book up quick. The better the weather the more sessions we’re doing! With weddings, it is typical to book 2 years in advance. Just call or e-mail us to confirm availability.


Can my pictures be put on my facebook page or my personal webpage?

Yes! I would love for you to display your favorite images from our session. However, please know that the Copyright Act protects our business (and all professional photographers and artists) and makes scanning illegal and a violation of the law. Therefore, please do not copy or scan your prints as doing so is illegal and a violation of the law. Just let me know which images you would like to post on your site and I will provide you with properly sized images that will have our copyright embedded on the image. These images can then be used on your site.


Do you give a disk of the images?

A disk of all of the final images from your portrait session can be purchased. We will provide you with a copyright license so you can print at your discretion.  

Personal Note: Due to the artistic nature of photography, our artistic abilities to work with and enhance images to make them the absolute best they can be, working with the finest labs available, and our goal to see an image through to completed beautiful portraiture, we would love to personally see the work through to providing you with a treasured memory.


Referral Discounts:

If you would like special savings on your portraiture, just send your family and friends our way. We offer a referral discount of 10% for each person who has a session with us and the referral discount can be accumulated up to 40% that can then be applied to your portrait order. We would love to reward you for spreading the word about us!


What are your operating hours?

I’m available by appointment only and schedule late afternoon and weekend sessions. Please contact my studio via phone or e-mail and we will work to get your personalized session on our calendar.


If you have questions that are not answered above, please feel free to call or e-mail me. Please see my "Contact Us" page for contact information.