I truly thank God and give Him the glory for the gift He has given me behind a camera. I stand on the scripture Deuteronomy 31:6, and pray before each session, that God goes before me and prepares the way for me to capture the beauty of His creations. I have been in the middle of sessions and just in awe at watching the heavens move, or a rainstorm that comes out of nowhere, or just something so simple and funny that ends up creating the most awesome backdrops! Only God! I dedicate my gift to Him and to doing His work. I'm always so amazed .... Donna Marie

My pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm in awe looking at them!!! I can't believe you had the slideshow up the next day!! Insane!!! I love the song you put in the slideshow. I just wanted to thank you for all the time you spent on me this weekend, taking pictures and putting together the slideshow so quickly. And I am soooooooo anxious for November 24th!! I'm going to feel like a princess in a mansion!!! It's going to be soooooooo fun!! :) Thanks Again!! Jeanie

I love the flush mount album! I love them all and you are right, we have such treasures to remember that lovely event. We can't thank you and your dedication enough. I've also recommended you to a friend of mine whose daughter will be married next April. When she sees the albums I think she will realize what a treasure you are. Thank you again dear one. Emily

Donna, the website looks GREAT! The photographs are absolutely stunning - Amazing what can happen when GOD wants it to happen. I pray in the name of Jesus that your business flourishes and that your testimony reaches and touches people's hearts and lives - And I know and I have seen what happens when you dedicate your business to the Lord...The Lord takes it and multiplies it ...the Bible says to "trust in the Lord and He will sustain you" and that is my prayer in Jesus' mighty name. Amen and Amen and Amen!! Love you both, Susan

What memories we have of our 50th Anniversary because of your photography expertise! Your management of our gallery was outstanding. Love the candid shots throughout the party that captured our guests having a great time. Keep up the treasured work! Paul and Marie

One word - WOW! The pictures are incredible! I love them all and you captured so much of their personalities. The shootings at the Sacred Heart door are truly beautiful pictures. Several of our relatives commented on how the one with the rose looked like it came out of a magazine. I agree. We love them all and Liz admitted that she loved the fun shown in the shots at the Sacred Heart playground. Thank you for your caring, loving attitude. We are blessed with your friendship. Emily